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Timpte Grain Hopper Trailers Are Now Available At Area Trailer Sales And Rentals

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When the air begins to cool around us, and the tree leaves begin to change to brilliant colors, you know the harvest season is about to start. Truck and tractor trailers will soon be working along with threshers and cutters to bring the crops in from the fields. When mechanized harvesting is used to remove the grains from the fields, trucks are needed, and with them long, bushel hopper-bottom Timpte grain hopper trailers are the most efficient means to get the job done.

Often these trailers spend much of the year, waiting for the harvest season to begin. They sit in farmyards waiting to be hitched to tractors so they can start their journey back into the fields. If you have this type of trailer which has been used for years and are concerned with the age of its brakes, air lines, and other running gears, you should check out the Timpte Grain Hopper trailers at Area Trailer Sales and Rentals. These grain hopper trailers are perfect as new replacement vehicles or as rental units to get you through harvest season.

Timpte Grain Hopper Trailers and Area Trailer Sales and Rentals Understand You Demand Performance

Timpte has been in the trailer business for more than 130 years and understands the strength and performance you are looking for in trailers. Their products have been designed for customers who demand the best, and they use only high-quality aluminum and steel in the construction of their trailers. These trailers have distinctive good looks and have been created for leadership with the finest materials to give their customers assurance of unsurpassed value.

Timpte Grain Hopper Trailers Make Loading More Efficient

The Timpte trailer has standard features that will make your loading more efficient. The electric tarping system uses a dual arm tarping system using One-Touch technology. This system works with a multi-function remote from an American made motor. There are also aluminum panels used in high-stress areas to give their trailers added durability and strength. With Timpte grain hopper trailers, you will find the air ride dump valve and oil filled pressure gauges in the nose. This location will make it easier for you to access than other trailer systems.

Other features that set the Timpte grain hopper trailers at the top-of-the-line in the trailer industry are their 20-inch king pin setting, all weather-pack automotive style connectors that have been sealed to prevent corrosion, and their aluminum plate tarps with hat section stiffener to reduce deflection.

Timpte Grain Hopper Trailers and Area Trailer Sales and Rentals Understand

Timpte trailers are built for truckers who look for more features, durability, up-to-date technology, and style in their equipment. They value the relationship that has been created with their customers as they are able to meet these demands. Timpte’s unwavering quest to construct high-quality trailers has earned them decades of success.

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