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Western Equipment Chooses Area Trailer Sales and Rentals and The Brandt Ag Detach

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Western Equipment has made a significant move to enhance their operational capabilities by choosing Area Trailer Sales and Rentals and Brandt Heavy-Haul for their latest lowboy fleet expansion. The company recently purchased multiple Brandt Ag Detach trailers, the H450 series. This decision clearly shows Western Equipment’s commitment to quality and reliability. This strategic investment will improve the company’s transportation efficiency and will insure that they continue to be the leading agricultural equipment provider.


The Leading Ag Eguipment Provider

Western Equipment Chooses Area Trailer Sales & Rentals and the Brand 45 Ton Lowboy Detach

Western Equipment Chooses ATSR


Western Equipment, based in Clinton, Oklahoma, is the leading dealer in agricultural, residential, and commercial equipment, specializing in John Deere products. With a rich history dating back to 1916, the company has expanded to 21 locations across Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. They offer a comprehensive range of products, including tractors, harvesters, sprayers, and tillage equipment, catering to various agricultural needs. Additionally, Western Equipment’s heavy haul division provides robust solutions for transporting large and heavy machinery, ensuring efficient and reliable operations for their customers. The combination of quality equipment and specialized services makes Western Equipment a trusted partner in the agricultural industry

​​​ West Equip Locations



A Strategic Partnership

Western Equipment’s choice to partner with ATSR highlights their trust in our commitment as the leading semi-trailer dealer. By choosing the Brandt Ag Detach, Western Equipment ensures that they have the best lowboy for their Heavy-Haul operation. But, this collaboration goes beyond just buying equipment; it’s about building a long-term relationship based on a shared vision for success. Area Trailer Sales and Rentals dedicates itself to supporting all of its customers with excellent service and support throughout the lifespan of their trailers and partnership.

Brandt Ag Detach Lowboy - H450

Brandt Ag Detach – ATSR


The Benefits of Brandt Lowboys

The Brandt 45 Ton Ag RGNs, handle the toughest tasks with ease. The H450 lowboy offers superior load capacity and robust construction, leading to fewer breakdowns and more productive hours in the field. Manufactured with the end user in mind, Brandt trailers are built with T1 steel insuring strength while using less material, bringing the tare weight far below any of its competitors. Additionally, these lowboys are built with advanced engineering and the most durable materials to withstand the harshest conditions. This reliability provides Western Equipment with year-round performance. Moreover, the trailers ease of maintenance and long lifecycle make them a cost-effective choice for any heavy-haul outfit.



A Commitment to Excellence

At Area Trailer Sales and Rentals, we take pride in providing high-quality trailers that meet our clients’ rigorous demands. Our partnership with Brandt Heavy-Haul allows us to offer innovative and reliable products. We strive to exceed customer expectations by delivering superior products and exceptional service. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients, like Western Equipment, can always rely on us for their trailer needs. Ultimately, we dedicate ourselves to supporting their success.


Brandt H450 Ag Detach Lowboy- Western Equipment by ATSR

Western Equipment Brandt H450

Looking Ahead

We are excited to see how these new lowboy trailers will benefit Western Equipment and contribute to their success. This partnership not only strengthens our relationship but also sets the stage for future collaborations. As Western Equipment continues to expand and innovate, we are proud to support their journey. Together, we look forward to exploring new opportunities and achieving greater heights. ATSR is committed to providing the tools and support our customers need to reach their goals.




Thank You Western Equipment

Western Equipment’s decision to choose ATSR and Brandt Heavy-Haul for their recent lowboy fleet expansion reflects our shared values of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We are grateful for their trust and look forward to supporting their operations with the best equipment available. This purchase marks a significant milestone in our partnership. We are committed to ensuring that Western Equipment receives the maximum benefit from their investment. For more information on our range of trailers and services, visit our website or contact our sales team. Thank you, Western Equipment, for choosing Area Trailer Sales and Rentals!


For information on the Brandt H450 Ag Detach or any of the Brandt Heavy-Haul line please call (806)745-5535 or visit one of our three locations

ATSR – Brandt H450: 45 Ton Ag Detach – Stock Specs

  • H450 Lowboy- Hydraulic Neck 45 Ton Tandem with Provision for Flip Axle
  • Estimated Weight: (Ib.) +/- 5% 20,082
  • CAPICITY: 90,000 lbs. Fully Distributed (80,000lbs. in 16′)
  • AREA OF OPERATIONS: Canada, US, On Highway
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 51′- 8″
  • DECK LENGTH: 32′- 6″
  • DECK WIDTH: 8′- 6″
  • WELL BASE, SHORTES KP: 42′-10″
  • GOOSENECK EXTENSION WING CLEARANCE: 108″ (With Oponal Gooseneck Extension)
  • LOADED DECK HEIGHT: 17″ at 5″ Ground Clearance
  • LOADED GROUND CLEARANCE: Adjustable to 5 sengs: 5″ to 8″
  • FLIP AXLE CONNECTION TYPE: Flush Top, Pin On – 38″ Lug Center, 20″ Pin Couple, 1.5″ Pin, Fully Decked Hydraulic Removable with Grease Points, Drop-in Kingpin, Low Profile Tapered Beams, Easy Detach on Uneven Ground, Center Drive Lug with An-Dive Pin,
  • GOOSENECK TYPE: Truck Wet Kit ISO 7241-B, 3/4″ Quick Connects, 15 gpm, 3000 psi max, 5″ Ground Height, Hydraulic Operated T Style Support Arm,
  • Protected Air and Electrical Connections, Gooseneck Extension Lugs.
  • GOOSENECK LOAD SECUREMENT: Four Pull-Up D-rings in corners, Four Alternang 3-Bar Winches
  • DECK TYPE: Flush Deck, 4-Rail, Low Profile Front Ramps with Grouser Bars, Welded Deck End Ramps
  • BEAMS: Fabricated, 100 ksi Flanges and Webs, Cambered to Suit Full Load
  • STORAGE: Storage Compartment in Base of Gooseneck
  • SUSPENSION FRAME TYPE: Tandem with Lugs for Flip Axle, Grouser Bars on Transion Ramps, Dock Bumpers on Lightbar, 2-Sets of Pockets for Oversize/D-Sign
  • SUSPENSION LOAD SECUREMENT: 4 Flat Mounted D-rings in Corners, 2 Chain Pockets for
    Cross Chaining, 2 Alternating 3-Bar Winches, 1 Chain Cutout on Each Side of Outer Web
    SUSPENSION CAPACITY: (2) x HT250 25 000 lb.
  • AXLE CAPACITY (NOMINAL): 22,500 lb. Per Axle, 5/8 Wall
  • HUBS: Duralite, 75W90 Synthec Gear Oil, 10- Stud
  • AIR SYSTEM: FMVSS, CMVSS Compliant, 2S2M ABS System, Weather Sealed, Bolster Mounted Air Control Box Including Air Gauge, Regulated Air Override, 5-Posion Ride Height, Dump Valve and Spring Brake Release Valve
*Other custom options Available*

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