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Advice for Buying A Dump Trailer

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Dump trailers are a practical trailer choice for independent operators that deal in industrial and agricultural applications, and more. From belly dump to end dump, choosing a dump trailer can be an excellent option for storing, transporting and hauling various loads of gravel, dirt, agricultural products and more. Here is some great advice for the owner operator looking to buy or rent a dump trailer for everything from cargo to crop transport.

Select a Dump Trailer for Functionality & Versatility

A dump trailer hooks to your rig easily and provides various functions, all in one trailer. Dump trailers can act like flatbeds or dump trucks, but are able to be unhooked and left behind. For large-scale industrial or agricultural applications, dump trailers provide the versatility you need for hauling and delivering supplies. The bed of the dump trailer operates with a hydraulic pump, many of which are now controlled with wireless remote operation right from your driver seat.

Choosing and End or a Belly Dump Trailer

Large dump trailers are great for hauling cargo, crops, dirt, gravel and more. When choosing a large application trailer, you’ll want to choose between an end dump and a belly dump trailer. The end dump trailer works by lifting the front end of the trailer using hydraulic power, activated remotely, to release the load off the back end of the trailer. This is great for loads with larger items, like trash or debris, that don’t need specific placement. Belly dump trailers, on the other hand, release their loads in the center of the trailer. This allows the operators to place cargo like gravel, dirt or fertilizer in a specific position.

Side Dump Trailers are a Great Choice Too

Another type of dump trailer available is a side dump trailer. Great for various industrial applications, side dump trailers are able to hold a large volume of cargo, like crop seeds, and release loads by using hydraulic action to tip the trailer holding to the side. For all of the available trailer options, you’ll want to choose between a fixed axle and a spread tandem axle, depending on your application. Ask your local dealer for more information on the dump trailer that is best suited for the job.

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