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Top 7 Tips For Towing A Gooseneck Trailer

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Gooseneck trailers from Area Trailer Sales and Rentals can be the perfect trailer for your hauling needs.  While many people claim that towing a gooseneck trailer is actually easier than a bumper hitch trailer, there are a few tips to consider before getting on the road.  Area Trailer Sales and Rentals has several gooseneck trailers to choose from and will be glad to help you make the right choice for your hauling needs. Below are are just a few variables you need to consider when towing a gooseneck trailer. Always do your research, follow state laws and plan ahead. If you have any questions, be sure to ask the friendly folks at Area Trailer Sales and Rentals.

Make sure you have the proper tow vehicle for your gooseneck trailer

This may be obvious, but in order to tow a gooseneck trailer you must have the appropriate vehicle to tow it. Make sure the vehicle you use to tow your trailer is customized to fit your towing needs. It is always a good idea to make sure your tow vehicle is large enough to have the brakes and suspension it takes to safely tow your trailer. You can get this information from trailer, truck or automobile manufacturers.

Ensure your vehicle and trailer brakes are sufficient to safely stop the tow vehicle and the load

The brakes are a very important factor when towing a gooseneck trailer. You can never have too much brake. It can possibly cause a disaster if your brakes fail while going down a hill. Disk brakes are better than drum brakes. Having four electric brakes is better than having two.

Don’t slam on the brakes, just slowly apply more pressure to shorten your stopping distance. Don’t ride the brakes downhill because this can cause them to overheat.

Make sure the hitch on the tow vehicle will work with the gooseneck trailer

Before towing your trailer, it always a good to have your hitch inspected by a qualified hitch installation company. The maximum tongue weight is usually 10 percent of the hitch’s rated capacity. The hitch is rated by its towing capacity and the tongue weight.

Verify trailer lights and connections

In order to be legal and safe all your lights must work properly. The connector is the weakest link. To make sure all your lights and signals are working have an observer confirm this every time you hook your trailer up.

Check trailer tires and wheel bearings frequently

Be sure to have your tires checked frequently to avoid having a flat. Checking the tire pressure of each tire should be done before each trip you make. Always check the wheel bearings and lug nut torque before towing. The wheels on trailers are subject to high twisting side loads during tight and slow turns. Over time, this can cause the wheel to flex and lug nuts to loosen. A torque wrench will come in handy for this.  Pay close attention when backing a gooseneck trailer to avoid extreme jackknifing that might cause excessive side loading on the tires resulting in extreme wear..

Ensure the gooseneck trailer is properly loaded

Always tie big and heavy items down securely when towing. Tying items properly down at several angles, rather than straight down, will keep them from falling over in abrupt changes in speed or direction. Once you have the heavy items in place, use a scale to check the tongue weight. Make changes as needed. Smaller items should be loaded in order to balance the load out. Your main concern is not to lose the balance of the trailer.

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