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Guide To Choosing The Right Trailers For Your Needs

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When selecting a trailer, there are many things to consider before making a purchase. Whether you’re buying used, new, or just renting, you’ll need to know what kind of trailer is best for the job you need to get done. Here’s a guide to help you select the right trailer for your needs.

End Dump Trailers: the trailer for when you need space to maneuver

If you’re looking for the right trailer to get you off-loaded in a tight space, consider an end dump trailer. End dump trailers are durable, and with their higher sidewalls offer a lot of storage room. You can get an end dump trailer in lighter aluminum or in heavy steel construction, depending on the type of application you’ll be using the trailer for. Also, as these trailers are meant to dump to the back, they take up less space and allow you to maneuver in a tighter space.

Side Dump Trailers: the trailer for when you need the greatest stability

If space is not your problem, but a heavy payload is, then you might want to look at a side dump trailer. Side dump trailers are very stable, making them safer for offloading with less chances of a tip-over or spill. Not to mention, their increased stability might also keep your insurance rates down. The other good thing with side dump trailers is that you can possibly pull multiple trailers behind your rig, depending on the application.

Belt Trailers: the trailer with high versatility

Depending on what type of materials you’re hauling, you might want to consider the versatility of a belt trailer. These trailers are great for wet payloads, allowing you to offload without worrying about the space needed for side dumping or end dumping. For a great selection of belt trailers in the Amarillo, Lubbock and Odessa, Texas areas, check out Area Trailer Sales and Rentals’ inventory.

Flatbed Trailers: the trailer that is easiest to unload

Need a way to haul your payload without worrying about sides, belts, floors, doors, or anything else? Choose a flatbed trailer to move a wide variety of cargo, with the easiest offloading of any trailer. Stack your payload right on the trailer and get the job done as fast as possible.

Refrigerated Trailers: the trailer that keeps it all cool

If fresh produce is on your list of cargo, then you’ll want to look into the best kinds of refrigerated trailers available in the Amarillo, Lubbock and Odessa, Texas areas. Keep freight protected in a controlled, chilled environment. Safely haul produce and other fresh products, and even have room to store dry goods.

Dry Van Trailers: the best trailer for freight

If simple freight is what you’re hauling, then a simple dry van trailer is what you need. Protect your cargo from the elements, keep your doors locked to prevent theft, and get your freight where it needs to go. Dry vans are easy to load and unload as well, making them a great option for many different applications.

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