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Texas Inspection Requirements For Trailers

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When buying new or used trailers from Area Trailer Sales and Rentals in the Texas Panhandle region, it is wise to make sure you are aware of the current Texas Inspection Requirements for trailers. Following rules is important, and to properly pass your inspection you’ll want to make sure you are ready after purchasing your new or used trailer. Here are some of the inspection requirements in the state of Texas.

Check Your Trailer’s Brakes in Texas

Does your new or used trailer purchase have a gross weight of over 4,500 pounds? If so, you’ll need to make sure you have properly working brakes on your trailer. You’ll also need to pass an annual safety inspection for your trailer weighing over 4,500 pounds (gross vehicle weight).

Other Inspection Requirements for Trailers in Texas

The annual safety inspection will have a lot of boxes to tick-off on your checklist. Besides working brakes, you’ll also be inspected for working lamps. The inspection of lamps on your trailer will include tail lamps and stop lamps, turn signal lamps, clearance lamps, license plate lamps and side marker lamps. Besides the required working light bulbs and blinkers, you’ll also need to provide reflectors on the side of all trailers as well as the rear red reflectors.

Inspecting Tires & Safety Guards on Texas Trailers

Once you’ve got your brakes, lamps and reflectors checked, you’ll also get your tires and safety guards inspected. If you’ve got four tires (or more) on your rear axle, you’ll need to make sure you have a set of safety guards or tire flaps attached to pass inspection. In addition to the tires and flaps, your overall wheel assembly will be inspected to ensure everything is in proper working condition.

More Inspection Guidelines for Texas Trailers

There are never enough steps to ensure the highest possible safety for Texas trailers. When it’s time for your annual trailer inspection, you’ll also have your vehicle identification number or serial number inspected to make sure everything matches up with the paperwork. Window tinting if installed will also be inspected to be sure it meets state guidelines.

So as you can see, when buying a new or used trailer from Area Trailer Sales and Rentals in Texas, you’ll want to make sure your trailer meets the highest standard of safety around. It is important to stay updated on current guidelines and law requirements for your trailer. With your gained knowledge – from required brake systems to the proper type of side reflectors – you’ll be able to meet and exceed your annual trailer safety inspection.

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