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Trailer Rental Or Purchase -Should You Buy Or Rent

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Buy a trailer or trailer rental. It is one of the most challenging questions every business must answer when the time comes to add a trailer to the fleet. Each offers advantages that must be weighed against the disadvantages so that the right answer is a balanced answer that meets the business’ needs. Nationwide, roughly 60% of companies own their fleets while the remaining 40% lease a significant portion of their fleets.

Trailer rental or purchase versus time of need

Among the considerations that should be factored into the equation are the length of time that you plan to use the trailer, the status of your existing fleet and facilities, your business’ credit worthiness and cash flow, and your ability to manage and maintain the trailer.

Trailer rental or purchase versus maintenance

Leasing is a good option if you don’t have an in-house crew of technicians who can service and maintain the trailer. Leases typically come with service contracts that cover these needs. Leasing can also be less expensive than purchasing the trailer which means that it has a significantly lower impact on the monthly bottom line. A lease also means that you can list the lease as a monthly expense on your budget rather than as an asset which offers considerable tax advantages. For businesses that are growing, leasing frees up capital to be used in other areas so that you can service the needs of your clients and use your capital more strategically.

Leasing allows you to upgrade your fleet quickly and easily when technology advances. This keeps your fleet at the head of the pack when it comes to improvements in trailer technology. It also makes it a breeze to manage the fleet’s age and the ever evolving needs of your clients and the industry as a whole. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to stay on top of regulatory changes as they roll down the road.

Trailer rental or purchase versus business advantages

Of course, there are also many advantages to purchasing a trailer. In particular, the tax advantages add up quickly including the amounts you can deduct for depreciation and interest. Further, when you buy a trailer, you build your business’ credit which makes it easier to secure financing in the future. You also add the asset to your books and down the road you can use the asset as a trade to upgrade your fleet as your needs evolve and change. However, since you own the trailer, it means that you are responsible for all the service and maintenance. Thus, it’s an option you should choose only if you have access to a qualified team of mechanics who can service and maintain the trailer throughout the long-hauls ahead.

Buying is a solid option if you have an established business and the needs of your clients are unlikely to change over time. It gives you a reliable, cost-effective fleet of trailers that you can use to cover existing routes for clients that are with you for the long-haul. It’s also a good option for companies that have solid in-house teams or relationships with service facilities for maintenance.

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